The Mining Museum (Miami), 2018, steel plate and mesh, wood, computer server rack, PC with gaming GPU, blockchain-backed smart contract, web interface, 60 x 27 x 17 inches (152.4 cm x 68.6 x 43.2 cm)

The Mining Museum (Miami) is a faceted steel enclosure created in tandem with a Miami-based design firm to evoke an art institute or private museum that is aesthetically suited to the environment of South Florida. An internal steel frame serves as a computer rack with three graphics processing units (GPU) to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency. The accrued tokens will be stored in a virtual wallet belonging to the artists. The Ethereum currency balance along with internal temperature data will be made available through a web interface. Blockchain is the underlying technology for Bitcoin. Our Mining Museum deals instead in Ethereum because it allows for so-called smart contracts which provide the best option for the future implementation of resale royalties and other forms of shared derivative value, and hopefully, greater mutuality between art producers and collectors/custodians. Our Mining Museum is sensitive to these conditions and puts speculation, energy expenditure, derivative value, and decentralized computing at its center.