The Institute for Southern Contemporary Art (ISCA) was developed in 2016 by João Enxuto and Erica Love as an institutional prototype to advance a meaningful alternative to problems in contemporary art production and its political economy. While technology is intensifying the soft power of speculation, reputation, and hype of networks, recent changes in technical infrastructure has done very little to shake the narrowly-defined and limited objectives of contemporary art. ISCA offers another option by rerouting capital from the contemporary art market to fund a path to working otherwise, culminating in a think-tank and independent program to promote new terms for art production.

Featured on Rhizome and the New Museum's First Look with a text by Lauren Cornell

“Institute for Southern Contemporary Art (ISCA)" Finance and Society, co-edited by Suhail Malik and Gerald Nestler

Institute for Southern Contemporary Art (ISCA), 2016, HD video, 16 minutes. Narration: Celia Quillian and David Birkin, Miami Drone Camera: Experience Above, Atlanta Drone Camera: Sky Drone Cinema, Art Studios Camera: Micah Stansell, Musical Composition: Joe Hadden, Graphic Design: Bryan Perry, Animation: Micah Hesse, Architectural Modeling: Leslie Dougrou, Art Advisor graphic provided by Hugo Liu, Additional Research Assistance: John Wright and Chera Baugh (Atlanta Central Public Library), Aaron Putt, Michael White, and Cynthia Farnell (Georgia State University), Support Provided by: Ernest G. Welch Fund at Georgia State University, Art Center/South Florida, and the New Museum, New York. Written, directed, and edited by João Enxuto and Erica Love